Ten Winter SelfCare Tips


Winter such are hard month to keep our self- care on track. There are positive ways to look after ourselves amongst the cold months.

First we need to give ourselves permission to look after ourselves. It is certainly not selfish to put our needs first sometimes.  Next to work on all 3 parts of our self. Mental well-being, spiritual and physical.

Choose 3 what supports and feels good within you.  This can change on day to day basis or just keep the same each day.

E.g Journaling (Mental wellbeing ) Spiritual ( Self-Healing) and Physical (Walking)


Here are my top ten tips for selfcare 


1,Take time each day  for five to ten minutes and breathe in the fresh air. Be around nature take in the grass/ flowers and smells of sea air.

2,Make room for exercise, find your passion. What form of exercise do you love?  Walking , Yoga, Dance,   and Running.

3, Eat clean living food. That can be giving up processed food? Eat more fruit and vegetables.

4,Meditation clears the mind, lowers stress levels helps aids sleep, feel good hormones.

5,Being around loving positive people who care and love you for who you truly are.

6,Drink plenty of water, increase intake 1 glass to 1 litre per day. Drink alcohol in balance, guide lines 4units per day, include free days from alchohol.

7,Have a massage which gives off a homoeostasis feeling good about ourselves. One hour pure bliss.

8,Healing a great way of re-connecting within our self. Which gives positive emotions, clears blockages within our body. So much more.

9, Spiritual connection with angels ,who give energy of pure gentle love.  who support you with non judgemental healing.

10. Positive  affirmations when we feeling low or need more of mental selfcare. what’s your favourite affirmation?

I have drawn Healing card from Archangel Raphael healing oracle deck.


Stay Positive

Dear Archangel Raphael , Thank you for helping me be optimistic and take the appropriate action steps that support my health


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